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            Elyse Draper, as a native Coloradan, brings a distinctive vision of the Rocky Mountains to life. When that sight is combined with her love of world travel, history, sociological sciences, psychology, and humanism, the outcome is a setting that spans the world and imagination. That aptitude when mixed with an educational background of law, philosophy, and French, brings the result of a fantastic yet realistic renaissance story line, ultimately taking the reader on an exceptional journey.

                She has a visceral writing style that is both melodious and uncluttered, coming from an enduring love of poetry. The unique cadence, when coupled with dark fiction, provides an intriguing and memorable read. Her inspiration and understanding of the darker side of literature, and life, is drawn from the intimate experiences she has had in coping with hospice work, and terminally ill patients. That knowledge brings humanism to her plots, and unexpected emotions to her character development.

                As contributing writer for “Voices of Autism”, a book earning rave reviews from Corey Seeman of the Library Journal, Elyse Draper took inspiration from her work with Special Needs children as a care provider, teacher, and advocate.

                Her talent was combined with nine other amazing horror and dark fiction female writers in "The Ladies of Horror 2009", creating the much anticipated release in October of 2009. Along with her contribution of "I am Morte", she also created the cover art for the Ladies, the Gentlemen, and their combined work … all under the title of Jennifer Miller's Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2009.

                Still living in Colorado with her husband and daughter, Elyse continues to work regularly with children, while waiting for the publication of her paranormal trilogy: "Free Will", "Consequences" and "Vindication". February 2011 marked the finish of her fourth novel, "Overtaken"- a science-fiction tale that asks if humanity is prepared to evolve. What if we don’t have the option of refusing … what if we have made our choice by how we treat one another; how we have treated the world around us.

                    Available as of Halloween 2013, the much anticipated next installment of Ladies of Horror became available, including Elyse Draper's short short: Lay Me Down. After saving another's life, one with which Charlie has an unknown yet powerful attachment to, she is saved from her nightmare of an existence by a strange woman. The stranger doesn't seem to have Charlie's best interests in mind, as she leaves our heroine mortally wounded under an overpass, while interrogating her on her past. Through nightmares, and reflection, we find out there is much more to Charlie, than the reclusive shadow that she pretends to be.  

                  At the moment she is working on the upcoming novel, tentatively entitled “Mirrorscape” -A fantastical tale, delving into the premise that Heaven and Hell are built on the perception of who we are … not where we're going.


Many Thanks ....

I have been happily married, for 18 years, to my wonderful husband Rob; and we have an incredible 15-year-old daughter, Cassie. You are my world, thank you for always picking me up when I fall down.

My immediate family provides me with never-ending support, and wonderful characters to draw from. My mother and father, Polly and Chuck, live in the beautiful little town of Palacios Texas; and my brother, Ross, and his two children, Mason and Aubrey, still live in our hometown of Golden Colorado.

I have been blessed with friends that not only cheer me on, but willingly subject themselves as readers, and guinea pigs. Without them, I would not have found the courage to keep submitting and promoting my work. I can never thank them enough for being my family by choice. Lori and Sam(my first real fan), Shelle, Josh and Tami, Mary and Dave, Walki F. Tinkanesh, and my wonderful old friend of new Jenn ... Thank you for everything!

 I have found myself very grateful to my husband's family as well, for they freely give love and encouragement. Thank you to the Longcriers, and the Parkers ... with special consideration and appreciation for Billie and Steve!

There are many people in my life that have helped me along the way, but four stand out as especially important. My sister, Perry-Ann ... I may not have known you, but you have been an inspiration and a teacher. I hope that I can live up to the sacrifices made, and lessons taught, in your all too painful existence. Bev Longcrier, for making me promise to write, and for showing me that expressing my art, and making myself vulnerable, are two very different things. And my parents, Chuck and Polly ... so many things could be said for sentimentality's sake, but the only thing that really needs to be expressed is how thankful I am for your strength and support.

 On the professional side, I would like to acknowledge and thank my agent, Portia Cannon, for believing in me. Your wise, down to earth, voice now rings in my ears, every time I begin to become anxious about publication … you have become a cherished friend. I would also like to take this chance to thank my copy editor, JP McLaughlin, for his patience and guidance as my unintended mentor. And, last but not least, my proofreader and dear friend, Walki Freedreamer Tinkanesh.




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